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Just For Cats

Carriers, Playpens, & Strollers
For pets and people on the move.
Cat Beds, Perches, & Furniture
Every cat needs a bed to lounge in after some exhausting playtime. Here you'll find the perfect item for both playtime and naptime.
Cat Bowls
Designs to suit your cats needs.
Cat Collars, Harnesses, & Leads
Cats are very curious animals and seem to get themselves tangled up very easily. It is very important that your cat wear a safety collar that will breakaway if it gets stuck on something.
Cat Feeders & Waterers
Automatic feeders and waterers that keep a constant supply of food and water available.
Cat Grooming
Everything you need to keep your cat healthy and looking their very best!
Cat Health & Nutrition
Products to help you keep your cat healthy and well nourished.
Cat Toys
We have the perfect toy for that finicky feline. From Interactive toys to sisal toys or a catnip toy in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures.
Flea Control
Keep your kitty free from fleas.
Scratch Prevention & Control
While it is a natural instinct for cats to scratch, it can be very destructive to your home. Here you will find some items that will help keep the damage under control.