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Grooming Supplies and Equipment

There is a wide selection of devices that will make bathing easier and more comfortable for you and the pet.
Brushes, Slickers, & Combs
Brushes are available for any length coat and in varying degrees of gentleness. The basic slicker is most commonly used for routine brushing to keep the coat mat free.
Large selection of animal cages that come in different sizes and colors, you will be able to find the cage that will fit inside of your grooming salon or animal hospital. We are still updating, so keep checking back!
Electric clippers for any need. The old standby is the Oster or Andis with interchangeable blades for varying the cutting length.
Indispensable with groomers and show people and useful at home, particularly in winter. We have dryers that are small and portable as well as professional stand, cage and table dryers.
Grooming Arms
Grooming Arms is and essential add-on to your grooming table.
Grooming Tables
Whether you need an adjustable height table or want the old favorite extra-stable folding grooming table or one with casters for use at shows, we have what you want.
Pet Steps and Ramps
Handy items for any professional grooming salon or pet clinic. Pet Steps and Ramps aid the professional groomer, and will allow large pets to move efficiently into pet grooming tubs.
An essential part of any grooming salon. Quality tubs are a perfect and space saving solution.