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Crates, Crate Pads, Carriers, Strollers & Exercise Pens

Crate Pads
The crate pads we carry should fit just about any crate you may have. We have pads that are either completely washable, or that have removable covers for washing. Some have the cone and valley foam for comfort. Others have a waterproof backing or cover to
Crates & Other Pet Enclosures
Folding Crates, Metal Crates, and Pet Enclosure Furniture. They come in many different sizes and color finishes.
Exercise Pens
We have many different sized ex-pens, and add-on panels that can be used with most of them to make a larger space for your dog. These can be used either inside or outside. If being used outside, we have ground covers to keep your dog clean and dry.
Plastic Kennel Accessories
Accessories you need for your plastic crate. Air Travel Kits and other miscellanous items.
Plastic Kennels
These crates are mainly used for airline travel, but can also be used in the home and even outside. These crates have wire doors and vents on both sides for proper air circulation. Some airlines have different restrictions, so if you're buying for traveli
Soft Crates & Carriers
The soft carriers are designed for carry-on airline travel as well as a lightweight, comfortable way to carry your dog around. The soft-sided crates are portable, lightweight and compact when folded. These are ideal for shows and other outdoor activities.
For pets and people on the move.