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Bones and Treats

Hard treats in varying shapes. They help eliminate plaque and tarter build-up as your dog chews on them.
Chew Treats
Happy Chew time for your pet!
Compressed Rawhide
Sure to give hours of chewing pleasure to your pet!
Meat Tenders
Premium and flavorful meat tenders your pet will love to chew. They'll just love the chewy texture!
Digestible, bio-degradable, no plastic, and dogs love them.
Porkhide chews combine the great taste of porkhide with the durability of rawhide, making the perfect treat that dogs love.
Rawhide Bones and Shapes
Your pet will love these yummies!
Treat Bags
Bring along treats where ever you and your pet go. Handy for training, your pet follow you anywhere!
We carry lots of treats in different sizes, shapes, & flavors. Gravy/food coating,liver, solid gold, soft, crunchy, & cat treats. See our newest addition to our treats, GOURMET & SPECIALTY TREATS, yummie!
Gourmet & Specialty Treats
The ultimate in pampering your pet! We love special gourmet and fresh baked treats, and so do our pets!