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Blankets, Pads, & Throws
We offer a nice selection of dog blankets, pads, and throws for many uses. Great for home or kennels. They're handy in crates, on the furniture and in the car - the dogs love them.
Bolster Beds
These beds have a thick bolster on the back and sides. The bolster will protect from drafts and give your dog a snuggly place to lay his head.
Cuddle Ball Beds
Extremely popular soft dog beds in the shape of a half-inflated ball. Loosely filled so your dig in and rearrange to her liking.
Cuddlers & Loungers
Both cats and dogs love these beds. They're soft and cuddly and give a secure, cozy feeling. The sides protect from drafts.
Heated Beds For Dogs & Cats
Heated dog beds and heated cat beds can be used year round in the winter weather or the cool of the air conditioning. They provide warmth to relax tired muscles.
Orthopedic & Wellness Beds
Comfort and support for senior dogs.Selection includes orthopedic pillow beds, flat mat beds, gel-pedic beds, wellness bed with heat and massage.
Quilted Pillow Beds
Quilted Beds bring that home-style feel to your dog’s favorite resting place while giving your home a cozy look.
Rectangular Beds
See our selection of rectangular shaped beds. Beds for indoors and outdoors.
Round & Relaxer Beds
Designed with comfort in mind! High Performance fabrics on this leading bed design for soft and smooth comfort.