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Rena Air Pump
Perfectly engineered to generate powerful and constant air flow to oxygenate your aquarium, these sleek Rena Air Pumps are quite the performer.
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It is a very quiet yet powerful highly efficient air pump that generates ample airflow to keep your fish happy and healthy in the aquarium. Designed to minimize noise and vibrations, this pump operates silently. Featuring contoured design, this pump will perfectly suit your aquarium. This pump features curved casing and expansion chambers, which help absorb vibrations to significantly reduce noise output compared to standard air pumps. Its perfect base-fitting design and housing further makes it soundproof. Moreover, the pump is powerful enough to maintain maximum flow rates under the greatest of depths, even with a clogged airstone. Thus your aquarium is fully aerated without your sleep being disturbed by the rattle of the pump.

  • Engineered to generate mighty airflow to oxygenate fish
  • Powerful yet super quiet air pump operates noiselessly
  • Suits the contours of your aquarium
  • Curved casing and expansion chambers absorb noise and vibrations
  • Aerates your aquarium to supply oxygen to your fish

Model and Capacity: (Please specify)

#50     Up to 10 Gallons
#100   10-20 Gallons
#200   20-30 Gallons
#300   30-80 Gallons
#400   65-160 Gallons

Operating instruction:
NOTE: For indoor use only.
Care must be taken to prevent any back flow of water from entering the Rena Air pump when it is turned off. Water in the unit will cause damage or even render the unit inoperable. It is recommended that the unit be installed above the water level of the aquarium. However, the unit should not be placed where it could fall into the aquarium. If the unit is installed at or below the water level, the return of a check valve is highly recommended.

A drip-loop should be arranged to prevent water coming in contact with the electrical outlet. Once your air stone or air driven device is attached, plug the unit in to start the airflow. The Rena 200 & 300 Air Pumps are equipped with a control knob to adjust the airflow into the aquarium. The Rena 400 Air Pump is equipped with 2 control knobs to adjust the airflow into the aquarium.

To maximize the output of your air pump, you should replace the diaphragm when you notice a drop in the airflow. Smoke and cooking oils can build up in the air pump and shorten the life of the interior parts, causing a drop in air flow. The air filter pad located on the bottom helps to protect and lengthen the life of these parts and should be replaced monthly.

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