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Pee Post
The Simple Solution Pee Post is a pheromone treated yard stake that encourages pets to eliminate in a specific area of your yard. It helps maintain your lawn, makes clean-up easier, and aids in housebreaking your pet.
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Detailed Description

7 1/2” Yellow plastic stake that you hammer into the ground where you want your dog to urinate.
Can be placed at a location in your yard where you want the pet to do his business. The location should be outside, in a quiet, grassy area away from the pet's food and water.
It is not harmful for the pet to lick the Pee Post. The ingredient used to treat the post is non-toxic. However, pets should be discouraged from eating or chewing on any type of plastic material.
Helps maintain your lawn, makes clean-up easier and aids in housebreaking.
Developed especially for dogs.

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