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Marineland LED Bubble Ring
The Marineland LED Bubble Ring is perfect for smaller aquariums or to enhance a specific area in a larger aquarium. It is 4-inch in diameter and has 6LEDs which generate hundreds of colors.
Starting At: $49.99

Detailed Description

You can use gravel to anchor the LED bubble ring on the bottom of your aquarium. It includes a 10 ft. power cord for conveniently extending the ring which is fully submersible. It features an on/off switch for the LEDs that can be controlled as per your convenience. The bubble ring is accented with an LED which produces a stream of bubbles to add the crystal décor or water wonders plant for enhancing the beauty of aquarium.

  • Suitable for both small and big aquariums
  • Highlights a specific area in an aquarium
  • Features 6LEDs that generate hundreds of colors
  • Bubble ring can be fixed on the bottom of the aquarium
  • 10ft cord which is fully submersible

Operating instruction:
Easy-to-install. Accent lighting and bubbles are provided with a single piece of equipment. Attach airline tubing (sold separately) to air inlet on the LED Bubble Ring. Make sure airstone is securely in place. Connect airline tubing to an air pump (sold separately). Use a check valve (sold separately) to prevent back siphoning in the event of a power outage. Connect power cord to transformer. Position and secure LED Bubble Ring, into the gravel of your aquarium with gravel anchor. Plug transformer and air pump into electrical outlet. Note: make drip loop for safety.

1.31" H X 1.12" W X 4.7" D

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