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Marineland Flexible Bubble Wand
The Marineland Flexible Bubble Wand helps create a beautiful parade of dancing, sparkling bubbles in your aquarium.
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This bubble wand provides air circulation, and offers healthy oxygen to your tank. Specially weighted, the wand can be bent to fit in any aquarium, needs no suction cups, and includes a free anti-siphon valve.

  •          Bend to fit any space, weighted for sure use, easy placement without the need for suction cups
  •          Instructions: Bend to desired shape (for best results do not fold or kink). Connect tubing. Bury bubble curtain under aquarium gravel. Install anti-siphon valve. Connect air line to pump
  •          Specifications: Ideal for 55 and 90 gallon freshwater aquariums or use two wands with a 125 gallon aquarium (also two air pumps)
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