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Herbal Flea Powder 4 oz.
Herbal Flea Powder repels fleas and ticks naturally, no harsh chemicals, uses a natural combination of Rosemary and Cedar Oil.
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Detailed Description

Unique natural combination of Rosemary and Cedar Oil repel fleas and ticks.
Can be used directly on your dog.
Can also be used on any type of bedding, such as pillows, foam beds and blankets.
Protects against fleas and ticks while deodorizing and absorbing excessive skin oils.
Will not interfere with spot-on products.
Not for use on puppies under six weeks of age.
4 oz. Powder.

Active Ingredients: Rosemary (5%) Peppermint (1%) Cedar Oil (.5%) Rosemary Oil (.33%). Inert Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate and Cornstarch (93.17%).

Directions: Sprinkle herbal flea powder directly on top of pet bedding, or inside pet bedding. Use as often as needed.

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