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Fluval Edge Algae Magnet
The Fluval Algae Magnet enables you to clean the inside of the aquarium's glass without getting your hands wet.
Starting At: $12.99

Detailed Description

The powerful magnets ensure a tight grip and the non-abrasive cleaning pads will not scratch the glass surface. Can be used for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
  • Powerful magnet makes algae scrubbing easy
  • For glass aquariums only
  • Unique design alerts you to trap debris that could potentially scratch aquarium glass
  • Large internal scrubbing pad makes it easy to view what you are cleaning giving you complete control
  • Contains a specially designed floating magnet retriever
  • Fluval Algae Magnet -Slim design for hard to reach areas (ie. beneath the gravel line, behind heaters, around rocks and decorations)

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