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Featherlite Catnip Boa
Your cat will go wild for these Featherlite Catnip Boa toys. Bright bold feather boas with all kinds of extras sure to grab kitty’s attention - bells, plume feathers, catnip, bouncy balls and squeakers.
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Detailed Description

  • Featherlite so ideal for every size cat.
  • Interactive play.
  • Great for Ferrets also.
  • Bells – feather boa with bells securely attached to both ends. One end has a barrel for holding catnip.
  • Squeaky – feather boa and plume feather with a squeaker.
  • Bouncy – 1 1/4” super bouncy rubber ball with a feather boa and plume feathers on the end. Bell on the end holds catnip.
  • Feathers – 2” soft foam bouncy ball with feathers.
  • Springy – feather boa and plume feather secured to a plastic coiled spring with a finger holder. Finger holder size adjusts with Velcro®. Bell holds catnip.
  • Wand – sturdy plastic wand toped with a sparkly star and jewel, feather boas and plume feathers secured to the star.
  • Sizes:  Bells - 17” Long
    Squeaky – 14” Long
    Bouncy – 16” Long
    Feathers – 6” High
    Springy – 29” Long
    Wand – 15 1/2” Long
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