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Doggie Design

American River Collection
Mesh Ultra and Choke Free Harnesses and Leashes. Choose from many sizes, colors, and designs.
The Black & White Collection
Dresses and Harnesses in your favorite Black & White Styles!
Bow Tie Collars & Wedding Attire
Your pets Formal Wear for those special occasions!
Coats and Motorcycle Jackets
Doggie Design creates the perfect look for your pet to stay warm. From feminine and fun to rock 'n roll edgy, they've got a look that suits your pets personality.
Cool Mesh Harnesses
From Floral To Cameo, you choose your favorite Cool Mesh Harness!Perfect for hot summer days, includes D-Ring, Leash, and Feature Fun Embellishments for style and flare.
Doggie Designs offers Creative and Fun Costumes for your pet.
Doggie Design Clothes Hangers
Now the perfect size hanger for those small pet clothes.
Doggie Design Dresses
Doggie Design Dresses come in casual and formal styles to choose from.
Doggie Design Harnesses and Leashes
Doggie Design offers Quality Harnesses and Leashes with a great selection of styles.
Doggie Design Pajamas, Panties, and Potty Training
Doggie Design creates pet essentials that always keep your pet looking stylish.
Doggie Design Snowsuits, Sweatshirts, & Tanks
Warm Snowsuits, Comfy Sweatshirts, and Cool Tanks. All weather clothing for your pet.
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