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Deep Blue Disk Air Stone
The Deep Blue Disk Air Stone is the perfect disk air stone for your aquarium. It allows you to create a beautiful panel of bubbles that will add to your tank's décor besides helping to aerate your aquarium.
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Crafted from a high quality and durable porous plastic, each disk can be connected to your air pump and tubing to provide an endless stream of bubbles. This air stone can be set at any angle in your tank and can be buried without fear of clogging. Its seashell design adds its own accent to your aquarium. It makes for an amazing show of bubbles under any decorations or amongst plants in your aquarium.

  • Helps create a vertical wall of bubbles
  • Manufactured from durable porous plastic
  • Ensures ample oxygenation of your aquarium
  • Seashell design looks perfect in underwater ecosystem
  • This pump can be set in any angle yet it stays put

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Deep Blue

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