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Deep Blue Clam Shell Air Stone
An attractive and high quality air stone for your aquarium, this Deep Blue Clam Shell Air Stone creates splendid underwater scenes for your enjoyment by producing a stream of bubbles in your aquarium.
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Detailed Description

This is the perfect air stone to maximize the level of oxygen in your aquarium water to keep your pets healthy. This stone diffuses carbon dioxide build up and replenishes oxygen in the aquarium. It creates a wall of fine bubbles to keep you riveted for hours. This airstone is useful for both freshwater and marine water aquariums. This air stone can be cleaned and reused with ease.

  • Porous airstone distributes air evenly
  • Can maximize oxygen level in your aquarium
  • Air stone in royal blue color creates a wall of bubbles
  • Useful in both freshwater and marine water aquariums
  • Can be cleaned and reused


Deep Blue

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