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Dachshunds in Doors
Dachshunds in Doors is the world's first photographic study dedicated to the subject of teckels in portals.
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32 pages , 28 photographs
8.5" x 11"
 Category:    Dog Humor



Praise for Dachshunds in Doors

"Unquestionably, Dachshunds and Doors ranks as THE definitive pictorial study of Dachshund fenestration."
- Dachitectural Digest

"After a hard day scratching a living in this dog-eat-dog world, there's nothing like coming home to the welcoming smile of your front door."
- Hound and Home

"Dachshunds and Doors opens this long-awaited series on the lovely homes of gracious Dachshunds. We're already queuing up for Dachshunds and Foyers!"
- Doghouse Beautiful

"In this transfiguring state of fu-Mind, we may see- as through the antic eye of Dean Dogson-a mere weenie dog expand to fill a barn door."
- Aldous Barkley, author of The Doors of Reception

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