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Aqua Supreme Air Pump
The Aqua Supreme Air Pump is an energy efficient motor for your aquarium.
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This pump accepts standard airline tubing and generates ample supply of oxygen for your tank without consuming much electricity. Even while generating optimum airflow for your aquarium, this pump ensures that there is no noise to disturb the inhabitants of your aquarium. This pump is so designed that it perfectly suits your aquarium. It’s perfect base fitting design and housing further make it sound proof. Thus by operating silently and ensuring constant supply of air into your aquarium, this air pump serves its purpose optimally. Besides, it is easy to install and use and hence you can fit it without help from a mechanic.

  • Power efficient pump
  • Operates noiselessly, yet delivers powerful results
  • Accepts standard airline tubing
  • Easy to use. Install without help from a mechanic

Operating instruction:
A. For indoor and household use only.
B. To prevent possible electric shock resulting from water back
Siphoning, pump should be located higher than water level

A small air-liter is located on the underside of the pump. This should be removed, rinsed, dried and reinstalled periodically.
If pump volume decreases or stops, check the following:
Airline tube may be kinked - Straighten out tube or install new tubing if necessary.
Airstone clogged - Replace air stone.
Air-liter dirty - Remove, clean and reinstall.
Plug is not secure in receptacle - Check all electrical connections.
Internal diaphragm is worn - Replace diaphragm
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2 Watt
3 Watt
4 Watt
8 Watt

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